Beer Genius

Easiest from buy to brew.



Choose a Beer Genius brewery package and serve fresher beer, reduce product loss, optimize space, and increase productivity and profit. Plus, you can customize your brewery layout and brewery equipment options to make Beer Genius the perfect fit for your location. And you don’t need to buy, clean or transport kegs or build a cold room. Our Serving Beer Tanks simplify storage and create a taproom experience that will have customers talking. 


Get all the craft brewery equipment you need from one trusted manufacturer that will be by your side handling all the details and advising you every step of the way. We make everything from buy to brew easy and efficient.



  • “I think your Serving Beer Tanks make a difference in the freshness perception to our customers when they can literally see the tap right there and the line is coming from the tank where the beer is sitting.”


    - Ole Pederson, Mad Mole Brewing

  • “Not only do the Serving Beer Tanks hold the beer at exactly the right temperature, but the liners eliminate the use of cleaning chemicals and significantly reduce cleaning time and labor.”


    - Culum Canally, Together We’re Bitter

  • “They called and talked me through some energy efficiency options I wasn’t even aware of. Everything worked the way Mueller said it would and I was able to knock out my brewing process 20% faster than before all while keeping the glycol cooler and the hot water hotter.”


    - Tanner Beers, Anthem Brewery

  • "Serving Beer Tanks make a lot of sense when you’re serving beer on premise and you don’t want to deal with kegs, or if you have a tight location and you need to put a lot of beer on the wall. There is no way we could fit that many kegs in this space."


    - Ole Pederson, Mad Mole Brewing

  • “We chose Mueller because they could take our ideas and make them a reality. Having a support team with extensive brewing, technical and engineering expertise made the process easy. I was impressed by the quality of the Beer Genius equipment and we can't wait to use it."


    - Ben Smith, Surly Brewing Co.

  • “Working with Mueller, the value there for me is not only do you have the engineering capability, but the brewing knowledge behind that.”


    - Jim Gorczyca, O'Fallon Brewery

  • “There’s definitely a benefit, and for Mad Mole it’s the space. We wouldn’t be able to have this big of a taproom if it weren’t for Paul Mueller Company’s Serving Beer Tanks.


    - Neil Blake, Mad Mole Brewing

  • “Serving Beer Tanks are the most unique part of our operation. When other craft brewers come in, it’s the first thing they want to see. They know they are spending a lot of time on kegging, washing kegs and labor and they could be saving that money by switching to the serving beer tank system.”


    - Rob Shorney, Together We’re Bitter