O'Fallon Brewery Case Study

O'Fallon Brewery Project

Mueller Brewery Solutions
Jim Gorczyca is the owner of the O’Fallon Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. When Jim’s brewery began producing at capacity (4,500 barrels), he was forced to outsource the majority of his company’s beer product. It was then that Jim knew his company’s success depended on a larger facility.
Co-Op brewery strikes gold with serving beer tanks

Co-Op Brewery Strikes Gold with Serving Beer Tanks

Partnership with Paul Mueller Company
First the funding. Money came from co-op team member investments and an encouraging Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $16,000 dollars. Then the search for the right space shifted into high gear.
Untapped energy in your brewery

Untapped Energy In Your Brewery

Brewing Process 20% Faster
Tanner Beers (yes, his real name) is head brewer at Anthem Brewery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When Tanner noticed some contamination in his beer, he traced it back to a used Paul Mueller Company plate heat exchanger he had purchased on the open market.
Building an outdoor unitank

Building An Outdoor Unitank

A beautiful day for an outdoor installation!
At 55 feet high, this unitank will allow the brewery to customize how they expand their capacity. There are many expansion solutions Paul Mueller Company has implemented for some of the best beer brands in the world.
Green Flash Brewery

Duplicating a Brewery, Coast to Coast

Your Partner In Brewing
In 2011, Paul Mueller Company partnered with Green Flash Brewing, a craft brewery, to build them a production brewery in San Diego, California.
Alex Weschta with fresh beers from a serving beer tank

Serving Beer Tanks Give New Meaning to Fresh

Offering Something Really Different
There is little disputing that it's hard to beat beer poured straight from the taps at a brewery. Founded in 2013, Tankbeer®, a partner and exclusive distributor for Paul Mueller Company's serving beer tanks in the UK, was eager to
Serving Beer Tank taps

Space Savings with Serving Beer Tanks

Optimize your tap room with Serving Beer Tanks
Moving from home brewing to owning and running a functional commercial brewery is a big step that requires a lot of resources and planning. This is no exception for Mad Mole Brewing owners Martin DeJongh and Ole Pederson.

Cost and Time Savings with Serving Beer Tanks

Maximizing your Employee's Time
Cleaning and maintaining kegs can be a long, tedious, and expensive process. Just kegging a full bright tank can take around four hours to complete, and when you factor in the time it takes to wash all of the kegs this becomes a day long process.

Infusion Beers Done Efficiently

Brewery Savings on Ingredient Additions

When it comes to innovation, Avery Brewing Company is at the forefront of the beer industry. From big hoppy IPAs to complex sours and barrel aged ales, Avery sources a number of exotic ingredients for their specialty projects or beers.

The difficulty is that traditional methods of ingredient infusion are often inefficient, messy, and costly.


Achieving Better Infusion in Hours, not Days

MaxxLūp Knocks Time to 6 Hours
The owners of 4 By 4 Brewing in Springfield, Missouri had a great coffee kolsch recipe they believed in, but it wasn’t selling the way they had hoped. Coffee steeping time in the beer was 5-6 days, and the flavor just wasn't what they were looking for.