O'Fallon Brewery Project

O Fallon's Owner, Jim Gorczyca

Mueller Brewery Solutions

“Working with Mueller, the value there for me is not only do you have the engineering capability, but the brewing knowledge behind that.”
— Jim Gorczyca, O'Fallon Brewery

The Challenge

Jim Gorczyca is the owner of the O’Fallon Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. When Jim’s brewery began producing at capacity (4,500 BBL per year), he was forced to outsource the majority of his company’s beer product. It was then that Jim knew his company’s success depended on a larger facility that could produce 10,000 BBL per year. A larger facility would improve bottom-line goals and would allow the company better quality control, two aspects that would help the company reach their ultimate goal of being seen and recognized as a regional brewery of high-quality craft beers.  

The Journey

The O’Fallon Brewery team sat down with Paul Mueller Company to discuss their goals as a brewery.

“Working with Mueller, the value there for me is not only do you have the engineering capability, but the brewing knowledge behind that” — Jim Gorczyca, O'Fallon Brewery

The beginning discussions took a preliminary concept that was scrawled on a napkin and started to map out exactly what O'Fallon needed and how Paul Mueller Company could bring solutions beyond the equipment to meet O'Fallon's goals.

The Solution

After discussion, the O’Fallon Brewery team realized there was an opportunity to do the whole system, both brewhouse and fermentation tank farm, with Paul Mueller Company. This project utilized almost every facet of Mueller from the machine shop, component shop, main tank shop, and Mueller Field Operations to design a custom facility to meet the unique needs of the O’Fallon Brewery.

The Results

Mueller was able to design O’Fallon’s one-of-a-kind, dream brewhouse and get them brewing in their new facility by the target date. Jim expects his business to benefit greatly from bringing their full volume back into their own facility. The capacity and capabilities of the O’Fallon Brewery have increased vastly, due to this successful expansion.

Contact a Paul Mueller Company representative today to learn more about how we can help you expand your brewery, using the same problem-solving guidance that O’Fallon received.

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A 10,000 BBL Per Year Facility
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Improved Bottom-Line Goals, Improved Quality Control, and a Regional Brewery of High-Quality Craft Beers
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Paul Mueller Designed a One-of-a-Kind, Dream Brewhouse by the Target Date
Brian Owens, O'Fallon Brewmaster
O'Fallon Brewhouse Construction
Every facet of Mueller's Production Facility cooperated to design a custom facility
O'Fallon Brewhouse