Paul Mueller Company

An Imploded Tank Fix

Chad Campbell, United Ethanol, LLC

A Unique Situation Calls For A Unique Solution

“If you have a challenging project—if you have anything that isn’t run of the mill, Mueller is the way to go.”
— Chad Campbell, United Ethanol, LLC

The Challenge

United Ethanol, LLC is a large ethanol production company in Milton,Wisconsin. After a very large tank inside their building imploded, they were faced with a problem. The floor and ceiling of the tank were in good condition, but the walls needed replaced. The tank, being in very tight quarters of a building, was extremely hard to get to. This posed the biggest challenge—getting the damaged tank walls down safely for repair.

The Journey

The United Ethanol team began to search for help. Nearly all the bids they received were under the premise of needing to remove the building’s ceiling in order to repair the tank. This would have added extreme cost to the project and would have drastically impeded the company’s production.

Eventually, United Ethanol brought Paul Mueller Company on site to analyze the situation. When the Mueller team was able to come up with a creative solution to repair the tank without removing the building’s ceiling, they chose to do business with us immediately.

The Solution

In order to remove the damaged tank walls, the Mueller team used a plasma cutter to systematically cut down each of the five rings of the imploded tank. This was done with utmost focus and attention to maintain a safe environment. To safely rebuild the tank, we used a unique process which involved bringing everything to the ground from higher up. Our strategy and procedures aligned with United Ethanol’s strict safety guidelines, while allowing them to continue production during the repair process.

The Results

United Ethanol is now able to continue production and use their large tank as before. With the assurance of Paul Mueller Company’s quality processes and products, they no longer have to worry about the possibility of facing a halt in production with nowhere to turn for timely, innovative solutions.

“If you have a challenging project, if you have anything that isn’t run of the mill, Mueller is the way to go.” — Chad Campbell, United Ethanol, LLC

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Cost effective Way of Repairing a Tank in an Unique Situation
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Paul Mueller Used a Plasma Cutter to Systematically Cut Down Each Ring of the Tank
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Production Continued During the Tank Repair
Large imploded tank inside facility
Mueller's unique solution allowed United Ethanol to stay in operation during repair
Mueller team repairing tank
Large tank after repair