American Oak Wine Tanks

Paul Mueller Company oak wine tanks are the only American white oak wine tanks crafted in the United States. Known for creating smooth flavor profiles including vanilla, coconut, butterscotch and more, these eye-catching tanks allow gentle oxygenation for wine fermentation and maturation.


  • Sealed for Quality: Unlike French tanks that are butt jointed and can allow in too much air, our American White Oak tanks are crafted with finger-joints for the tightest seal.
  • Custom Toasting: Chosen from exceptional quality trees, the wood is dried in the open air for a year or longer to eliminate harsh flavors. Construction takes four weeks and the tank is steamed to sanitize the wood and further mellow the oak profile. The final finish is toasted to your specifications based on the varietal you are creating.
  • Stainless Details: Complete with stainless steel bands and hardware, Mueller oak wine tanks come in standard, horizontal, fermenting and puncheon models and can be custom designed for your space. Equipped with valves and delivered fully assembled, with upgrade options available

Optional Features

  • Toasting Options: none, light, medium, or dark
  • CIP Arm
  • Cooling Plate
  • Winery Logo Plate
  • Stainless Stand

Specifications and Sizing

Size Options
150 Gallon 1,500 Gallon
200 Gallon 1,800 Gallon
300 Gallon 2,300 Gallon
450 Gallon 3,100 Gallon
600 Gallon 3,700 Gallon
900 Gallon 6,200 Gallon
1,200 Gallon 7,700 Gallon


Finding the right equipment that fits within your budget can be daunting. At Paul Mueller Company, we understand your needs. That’s why we offer Leasing options that give you more flexibility.

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