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DEG Engineering GmbH

Complex and Custom Heat Transfer Design

Energy Costs in Industrial Plants

Energy costs constitute up to a third of operating expenses in industrial process plants and have been on the rise. Choosing the right heat exchanger for your application is imperative to getting the best ROI and process efficiency.

Conventional shell and tube and plate coil heat exchangers can often present challenges such as, taking up too much space, heat loss and fouling - leading to costly consequences in your plant's performance.  

Since our inception, DEG Engineering has earned a reputation for tackling very complex and highly specialized thermal heat transfer challenges that save on energy costs. Along the way we have developed an engineering library of algorithms, patents, and manufacturing processes that continue to provide value to companies like yours.

Banked Thermo-Plate Heat Transfer Equipment

Through our Thermo-Plate panel technology, also known as Temp-Plate® or pillow-plate, DEG Engineering GmbH has proven that innovative design can solve these challenges with a lower weight and size and greater efficiencies.

From design and fabrication to the final stages of the manufacturing process, we can provide all aspects of your solution from a single source. DEG specializes in designing standardized and custom-made heat transfer for use in condensers, reactors, and evaporators. Then partnering with Mueller manufacturing we make sure the specialized engineering benefits are carried through to your industrial application.

With our highly qualified and experienced German engineers, DEG guarantees innovative and reliable solutions even for your most complex problem. Contact us and find out more about the application possibilities of DEG thermo-plate heat exchangers, condensers and reactors.

  • Corrosion/Abrasion resistant
  • Maximum performance and compactness
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Secure handling of toxic materials
  • Self-cleaning and oscillation-resistant method of construction available
  • Flexible and optimized reaction control of reactor
  • Double-embossed
  • Excellent heat transfer ratios
  • Immersion, Clamp-on or Integral heat transfer

DEG Engineering Products