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DEG Home Liquid Heat Exchanger

Complex Industrial Heat Exchangers

DEG heat exchanger systems consist of fully welded Thermo-Plate banks and rank among the most specialized and efficient components in process industry facility design. DEG offers customized heat exchangers for use in the most extreme conditions, in a variety of industrial unit operations such as condensation, evaporation, cooling and heating. 

We help in the planning stages of your project, perform the correct engineering calculations and coordinate manufacturing and assembly for your industrial heat exchanger.  

Benefits of Thermo-Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Designed for high efficiency in thermal energy transfer between gaseous and/or liquid media
  • Compact heat exchanger with high heat transfer surface density and reduction of column height
  • Customized to individual design, equipment and process requirements
  • Spot-welded and hydraulically expanded panels possess excellent heat transfer characteristics due to elliptic flow channels and increased turbulences
  • Low pressure loss in compact models
  • Low pressure drop in condensation
  • Minor susceptibility to fouling