Gas/Gas Thermo-Plate Heat Exchanger

Best Industrial Applications

Our compact heat exchanger systems with a large heat transfer surface to volume ratio, at a relatively low pressure drop are well suited for:

  • Flue gas purification plants
  • Power stations
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical processing

These recuperative gas/gas heat exchangers come available in cross, cross-counterflow or counterflow formats. 

With various material choices and the ability of thermo-plate to operate in high temperature applications, these exchangers provides a great amount of flexibility and cost-effective operation. 

User Benefits of Gas/Gas Thermo-Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Low loss of pressure 
  • Recuperator system
  • Optimized fluid flow and heat transfer design
  • Individual solution for low volume installation condition
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Low fouling
  • Easy Maintenance
If you have any questions, or if you would like further information on how gas/gas heat exchangers can work in your operation, we are here to help.


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