Therm X Special Design Thermo-Plates

The long service life and highly consistent heat transfer are hallmarks of our Therm X concentric thermo-plate ring design.

With a continuous rotating scraper system that cleans the rings up to 25 times a minute, your process is assured of excellent efficiency.

Industrial Applications for Therm X

  • Cooling of deconcentrated blackwater base
  • Heating of white water in the paper industry
  • Cooling of wastewater, sewage or bleach
  • Cooling of methylene in the chemical industry
  • Oil cooling in the food industry
  • Heat recovery of laundry wastewater (max. 35° C discharge into sewer)
  • Heat recovery in sanitation of waste fermentation
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Features of Therm X:

  • Easy inspection through hinged lid
  • Flow rate on waste water side regulates itself via an overflow system - heat transfer surfaces do not require drying
  • Cooling and/or heating of suspensions in fermentation plants
  • High abrasive wear resistance against suspended particles, e.g. stones
  • Large quantities of media (from refrigerants to steams) can be led through the thermo-plates
  • Available in all resistance-welded stainless steel or special materials like SMO 254 and Hastelloy