DEG head condenser

Thermo-Plate Condenser

Complex Calculations for all Condensation Phases

DEG condensers are designed for the direct assembly inside columns, reactors, and boilers. They can also be developed for your stand-alone or non-traditional applications. Our engineering experts can perform the most complex calculations for:

  • mixed gas-phase
  • inert components
  • single component condensation
  • partial condensation

Because Thermo-Plate condensers have a very compact design and efficiency, they have a minimal loss of pressure, for maximum throughput in your operations.  

Vapor Condensation Technology

Variations on Thermo-Plate geometry design means we can optimize the condensation of pure vapours, vapour mixtures or a vapour inert mixture, (i.e. partial condensation).

We take into account gas speed, condensate film and flow control, as well as geometrical considerations like gap width, height and length of plates to give you the most efficient and effective heat transfer available. For partial condensation, a two-stage mode of operation with different cooling agents is available to save on costs.  

With a partially automated manufacturing process, compact design, and superior heat transfer over conventional pipe or spiral condensers - DEG Thermo-Plate condensers provide your company a cost-effective option for all industrial condensing needs.

Let our experts help design the right process for your application. 


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