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Thermo-Plates for Complex Heat Transfer

High Heat Transfer Efficiency

Thermo-plates, also known as Temp-Plate, Plate-Coil, Jacket or Panel Coil, are developed in collaboration with our parent company and manufacturing partner, Mueller B.V. in Groenlo, the Netherlands. Thermo-plates are designed and manufactured to meet your individual  specifications for optimizing efficiency in your application.  Two different thermo-plate types and an expansive choice of materials are available:  

  • Type S (single embossed) thermo-plate is formed by two metal sheets with different wall thicknesses, which are welded together and expanded hydraulically at the end. This thermo-plate type can be predominantly found in production of appliance jackets, which need to be cooled down or heated up and exhibit small operating pressures.
  • Type D (double embossed) thermo-plate are formed by two metal sheets with the same wall thickness, which are welded together and expanded hydraulically at the end, forming a cushion area with elliptical flow channels, high turbulences and outstanding heat transfer ratios.

Bank Assembly Heat Exchangers  

As the internal part of a heat exchanger, a thermo-plate register also known as a bank assembly, consists of thermo-plates arranged parallel to each other with the distance between the plates designed according to the necessity of achieving the effective heat transfer and flow of transfer fluids.

Depending on the type of thermo-plate required, specific materials are spot welded together by an automatic welding machine. The spots patterns are uniquely designed to precisely achieve the desired heat transfer. Once the thermo-plate is complete, it is then arranged together as a register and inserted into a tank or a vessel depending on your heat transfer application. See a case study with this application

Design Benefits

As a result of this design, thermo-Plates offer higher heat transfer areas than any other heat exchanger and are extensively used for achieving high heat transfer efficiency and low pressure losses.

All thermo-plates are processed under a strict quality assurance system to guarantee consistent standards and performance. Talk to our experts today to see how DEG thermo-plates can help maximize your heat transfer process.  

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  • No plant downtime during installation
  • No welding work at the container necessary for clamp-on thermo-plates
  • Quick installation and quick replacement of modules possible
  • Clamp-on plates cut for best geometric fit
  • Customized design
  • Reduces energy consumption without the maintenance expense associated with other
    higher fouling designs
  • Significantly low pressure drop
  • Free-Flow pattern allows for reduced fatigue failure
  • Suitable for both high internal and external pressures
  • Compact size allows for efficient heat transfer even in small spaces

Manufactured in accordance with:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive / PED
  • ASME
  • Lloyd´s
  • China Stamp
  • GOST R/ TR
  • Others upon request


Standard work materials Special materials
  • 1.4301
  • 1.4306
  • 1.4307
  • 1.4404
  • 1.4435
  • 1.4462
  • 1.4539
  • 1.4541
  • 1.4571
  • 2.4602 (Hastelloy C22)
  • 2.4610 (Hastelloy C4)
  • 2.4816 (Inconel 600)
  • Titan
  • 2.4605 (Alloy 59)
Other materials upon request