Paul Mueller Company

Gregg Shirey - General Manager of Business Development, Paul Mueller Company

Gregg ShireyGregg Shirey came to Paul Mueller Company in 1981 and has the longest tenure on our Leadership Team. During his 3+ decades at PMC, Gregg has held the roles of Chief Engineer, Technical Director and General Manager of our BioPharmaceutical Department.

In 2015 Gregg spearheaded the launch of a new Mueller product in North America, Serving Beer Tanks. These keg-replacements in brewing have long been used in Europe and are now sparking a wave of "brewery fresh beer" among craft and legacy brewers alike.

In 2016 Gregg also took on the role of General Manager of Dairy Farm Equipment and has led that group to record-breaking sales. 

Prior to joining Paul Mueller Company, Gregg worked at Reynolds Aluminum. He holds degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Engineering Management.