Paul Mueller Company

Russ Copeland - General Manager, Paul Mueller Company

Russ CopelandRuss Copeland began his career with Paul Mueller Company in the summer of 1987, two weeks out of high school. His first job was washing milk coolers and getting them ready for shipment. Fast forward 30 years and Russ is now General Manager of the Beer and Beverage, Chemical, Food & Dairy and Component Products groups.

During his tenure at PMC, Russ has worked in a variety of positions, including production worker, craftsman, quality assurance inspector, sales engineer, and national sales manager.

For Russ, working at Paul Mueller Company is a family affair. His father retired from Mueller after 45 years of service and Russ remembers coming to work with his Dad for the first time when he was 4 years old. Russ's two brothers also worked for Mueller at one point or another. Russ says being involved with the people throughout the organization is his favorite part about working at Paul Mueller Company.

"I love the exposure I have and the experiences and the intellect of people we have in this company. It’s amazing what we collectively know about the industry."