Temp-Plate® Clamp-on Assembly

If you are looking to optimize your process through heat transfer without the system downtime, Temp-Plate® Clamp-On Assembly could be the solution.

Our double embossed Temp-Plate® Clamp-On Assembly will allow your process to be more efficient. Through testing and research, our engineers have proven that the thermal transmittance, also known as the U value, is better with double embossed clamp on assemblies over single embossed. These heat transfer options can serve as a substitute for Platecoil, pillow plate, prime surface, panel coil or whatever version of heat transfer surface you are currently using. 

Our clamp-on heat transfer equipment can be crafted, welded, and applied to your system with minimal to no equipment downtime depending on your application. Paul Mueller Company provides high-grade materials, impeccable design, and experienced craftsmanship to create highly versatile heat transfer that will integrate into your system and boost the success of your business. 


  • Provides high-efficient heat transfer
  • Custom-designed to suit a variety of applications
  • Suitable for both high internal and external pressures
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


Specifications and Sizing

Work with our innovative engineers to create an assembly that is perfect for you and your facility. At Paul Mueller Company we work to meet all your needs and with our various shapes, sizes, and specifications we are confident that we will be able to make a high quality product that you will love.


Finding the right equipment that fits within your budget can be daunting. At Paul Mueller Company, we understand your needs. That’s why we offer Leasing options that give you more flexibility.

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