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Recruit a Buddy, Get a Bonus. Paul Mueller Company Rolls Out Hiring Initiatives

February 8, 2018, KY3 News


Yes, we are very, very busy. I don't know if I have seen it this busy," stated Thomas Runion Craftsman-Grinder. "Lots of money; lots of overtime."

Denise Silvey, Human Resources Manager, explained, "If you drink milk, or you have had a cold beer, or wine or you have filled a prescription, or bought pet food, you have probably used one of our products indirectly."

The plant has been experiencing a boom in business, which is creating plenty of work for employees.

"Sean McClure, Advanced Fabricator-Welder," said, "I enjoy the different variety of work. It is something different every day. And there are different challenges that come with it."

Mueller says finding good people to do the job the can be a challenge. That's why it is rolling out new recruitment program. It'll help beef up the workforce while putting money in the pockets of employees.

"We really believe there are talented people in the Ozarks and we just need to be able to get them in the door," Silvey stated.

Those helping recruit a new person for the team are eligible for a bonus. Depending on the individual's skill level, they can receive between $250 and $500 if the new worker stays on 90 days. The hiree gets a matching bonus.

Sean explained, "I think it is a good incentive to get more qualified, more productive people. Right now it is hard to find qualified, productive people."

Sean was brought on board by his buddy, Thomas Runion.

"I wish I knew more people to hire on," laughed Runion.

"We think our co-workers are probably our greatest recruiters and they get to win doubly by this," Silvey stated.

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