HiPerChill™ 5 Package Chiller

Paul Mueller Company’s HiPerChill™ 5 package chiller cools the milk before it enters your milk cooler, ensuring the highest quality product from your robotic dairy.

The HiPerChill 5 utilizes the same Mueller® HiPerForm® refrigeration technology the dairy industry has relied on for over 40 years. A high–efficiency E-Star® condensing unit, brazed plate heat exchanger, circulation pump, and reservoir are all housed inside the HiPerChill 5, resulting in a compact package chiller able to deliver a higher cooling capacity over a broader range of temperatures than conventional direct expansion refrigeration systems.

The HiPerChill 5 package chiller works in unison with an Accu-Therm® plate cooler to instant cool milk in the transfer line as it exits your robotic milking stalls. This process improves your milk profile by keeping bacteria, fatty acids, and excessive milk cooler agitation at bay, and ensures the highest quality milk ships to the processor. It’s a simple but effective system that sets the standard for robotic dairy milk cooling solutions.


  • E-Star HiPerForm Electronic Valve Control (EVC) technology for precise, instantaneous refrigerant control
  • Digital capacity control adjusts the Scroll compressor’s output cooling capacity to meet milk flow demands as the load varies
  • Quiet EC fan motor with variable speed control keeps the refrigerant pressure constant  
  • 3 horsepower propylene glycol water circulation pump. 
  • Insulated, 37-gallon glycol reservoir
  • Remote start capability
  • Touch-screen control
  • Small footprint

Specifications and Sizing

Model No. HP Voltage Length (in) Width (in) Height (in)
R-507 Refrigerant
HiPerChill-51ED-HFC 5 208-230/60/1 40.13 30.38 65.44
HiPerChill-53ED-HFC 5 208-230/60/3 40.13 30.38 65.44
HiPerChill-534ED-HFC 5 460/60/3 40.13 30.38 65.44
R-448a Refrigerant
HiPerChill-51ED-HFO* 5  208-230/60/1 40.13 30.38 65.44
HiPerChill 53ED-HFO* 5  208-230/60/3 40.13 30.38 65.44
HiPerChill-534ED-HFO* 5  460/60/3 40.13 30.38 65.44
HiPerChill-535ED-HFO* 5  575/60/3 40.13 30.38 65.44

*HFO units are designed to operate with R-448a refrigerant.


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Our Dairy Farm Partners

We are proud to partner with these leaders in the dairy farming industry. From legacy farms that have thrived through multiple generations to solar cooling in Africa that is providing young children their first taste of cold milk, our equipment is impacting lives around the world.