E-Star HiPerForm EVC Condensing Unit

The proprietary technology of the E-Star® HiPerForm® condensing unit has historically made it the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world. As technology has developed so has the HiPerForm. The mechanical subcooling valve has been replaced with an electronic subcooling valve and control. The electronic control processes data to the tenth of a second making the proper adjustments to the electronic valve. These advancements result in nearly no install setup and provide the highest energy efficiency with faster milk temperature pulldown times.


  • Factory installed, proprietary electronic subcooling valve completely floods milk cooler evaporator for maximum operating efficiency.
  • Interface tool designed to assist in diagnosis of system troubleshooting and proper setup. May also be used as dual probe digital thermometer.
  • Red and green LED indicators illuminate according to refrigeration unit's operation. A green solid light indicates the system is cooling or ready for cooling command. A green flashing light is an indication of anti-short cycle delay. A red light indicates an error or system issue.
  • Factory programming for plug and play operation.
  • Reliable system design is forgiving of a variety of operating conditions.
  • The EVC control reads the system pressure via an electronic pressure transducer. The temperature is read via digital sensor. The EVC translates this information to control the FCD fan speed and stepper valve for precise and instantaneous refrigerant control.
  • Copeland scroll compressor designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. Scroll technology is more energy efficient and has fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors.
  • Anti-short cycle. Increased compressor life with fewer stops and starts due to low load conditions or low refrigerant charge.
  • Quality assured. Meets worldwide standards such as CSA and CE (specific models).
  • A condenser subcooling coil maintains liquid refrigerant, ensuring maximum evaporator efficiency.
  • Suction line accumulator heat exchanger increases system efficiency and protects compressor during low-load conditions.
  • Single, variable-speed fan with high-efficiency motor. The FCD maintains proper airflow to increase capacity and efficiency of the compressor and condenser.
  • Electrical compartments located in the upper front portion of the unit permit easy access.
  • E-Star HiPerForm is available for use with both R-448a and R-507.
  • Oil sight glass and fill port allows refrigerant oil to be easily changed for future HFC requirements.
  • Rust-resistant brass high- and low-side valves are located in front of the unit for easy access without removing the cover.
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized three-piece metal cover encloses and protects the unit for safe operation while providing easy access.

Specifications and Sizing

Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Approximate Weight (lb) Horsepower Available (hp) Electrical Characteristics*
40.13 30.38 31.50  340 3.5







46.50 33.50 42.50 540 7.5 208-230/60/3

*Contact your Mueller representative for electrical characteristics available for each model
**Available as Digital HiPerform E-Star with EVC

***230 volt/60 hertz fan motor circuit


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