HiPerForm® plus Control 

Paul Mueller Company’s HiPerForm® plus control is designed for use in both traditional and robotic dairy farm operations. This wash and cooling control retrofits any milk cooler with program options, and the MilkSecure™ technology built inside provides the ultimate solution for remote monitoring. You can also choose a HiPerForm ®  plus Milk Tower™ control and wash package.

A cloud-based interface reports the status of milk cooling systems to dairy producers including milk volume, milk temperatures, equipment alerts, and more. Access the MilkSecure™ dashboard to receive real-time updates through your internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. Keep an eye on your farm when you need to be away.

Connect your dairy, dealer, hauler, processor, and team. Safeguard your milk. 



  • Built-in robotic interface (I/O expansion is required for robotic installations).
  • Real-time tank temperature and volume data via the MilkSecure™ dashboard.
  • Fully programmable wash and cooling control.
  • Seven-inch, touch-screen interface.
  • Selectable drain valve type: water-operated, normally open, or normally closed.
  • Cooling and wash time delay.
  • Volume indicator.∗
  • Automatic interval agitation.
  • Retrofit any milk cooler with program options.
  • Control output voltage is 24 VAC or dry switch closure.
  • Electronic time and temperature recording.
  • Wall-mounted and cooler-mounted
    “OHF” options available.
  • Built-in troubleshooting test program.

When used with level sensor, controlled cooling is based on liquid level in tank.

Specifications and Sizing

Work with our experts to create a solution that is ideal for your dairy operation. 




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Our Dairy Farm Partners

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