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Sales Manager - Beer and Beverage
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Jon Sprenger
Serving Beer Tanks - East Coast
Desk: 417-575-9457
Cell: 417-425-1509

Rick Laxague
Serving Beer Tanks - West Coast
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Cell: 417-987-4569

Beer and Beverage Team

Paul Mueller Company took its first order for brewery equipment in 1963 and the legacy was born. In 1964, manufacturing of beer fermentation and aging vessels began to fill large scale brewing facilities across America. Over the years, master brewers large and small rely on the technical expertise, innovative engineering and manufacturing skills developed since 1940. Today, craft brewers and legacy brewers can choose from a wide range of brewery solutions from our manufacturing groups in the United States and The Netherlands. Paul Mueller Company is proud to craft the vessels and systems that brew beer all over the world.

The Beer & Beverage Team in Springfield, Missouri has decades of experience that master brewers large and small call on for technical expertise, innovative engineering and industry leading manufacturing processes. We are ever evolving our product offerings to meet the demands of the changing beverage, brewery, and winery markets. We carefully design, engineer and manufacture your vessel so that your beverages are offered to your customers with the high-quality taste and flavor they have come associate with your brand.

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