Batch Water Chiller

Batch water chillers for bakery applications deliver automatic water temperature control, so you’ll experience consistent cooling and temperature maintenance in every batch of dough, no matter the setting or season. With a Paul Mueller Company batch water chiller, you’ll no longer have to worry about chiller freeze up.

Batch water chillers, most often used in bakery applications, are also ideal for any operation that requires cool ingredient water for batch processes. Our batch water chillers help you achieve a quality product that looks and tastes delectable every time.

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  • Outlet temperatures down to 34°F
  • Provides up to 192 gallons/1,601 lbs. of chilled water per hour 
  • 120-gallon storage capacity
  • Batch draw-off flow rates to 20 gallons per minute
  • Inlet temperatures up to 80°F
  • Process and recirculation pump standard
  •  5 to 9 hp  remote condensing units available 
  • Adjustable digital temperature control with °F or °C display
  • ETL-listed

Specifications and Sizing

Quad-Plate Chiller Performance Specifications

Model No.

Batches Per Hour

Gal/Lbs Per Batch Inlet Temp.
Outlet Temp.

Draw-Off Flow Rate (gpm)

Refill Flow Rate (gpm)

HP Control Voltage Condensing Unit Voltage
QPPK-005 4 28/234 70 34 20 20 5 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/1
QPPK-008 4 42/350 70 34 20 20 7.5 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/3
QPPK-008 8 21/175 70 34 20 20 7.5 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/3
QPPK-010 4 48/400 70 34 20 20 10 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/3
QPPK-010 8 24/200 70 34 20 20


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