Model DHS Fre-Heater® Heat Recovery System

Paul Mueller Company Model "DHS" Fre-Heaters® channel recovered energy into a single Fre-Heater unit, producing plentiful hot water to satisfy your needs.

With our dual jacket, there are no concerns about refrigerant leakage and our industrial-grade, fully-insulated glass storage tank assures potable water and minimal heat loss.

The Model "DHS" Fre-Heater has an 119-gallon capacity. 


  • Stainless steel outer jacket. Rust-resistant exterior requires no maintenance.
  • Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface cools the super-heated refrigerant from the condensing units and harvests the system’s wasted heat energy.
  • Industrial-grade, fully insulated, glass-lined storage tank assures minimal heat loss and long-term reliability.
  • Factory-installed anode(s) provides superior galvanic corrosion protection for the water storage tank. 
  • Five-year limited warranty protects your purchase.
  • Complies with CSA regulations for the United States and Canada.
  • Temperature of hot water depends on size of condensing units and cooling time.  
  • Channels recovered energy into one Fre-Heater unit.
  • Designed for 150 psi maximum water working pressure and 500 psi maximum refrigerant  working pressure.
  • Has an 119-gallon capacity.
  • Model "DHSE" Fre-Heaters offer all of the features of standard Model "DHS" Fre-Heaters with the addition of a 4,500 - or 6,000-watt, 240- or 460-volt electric element. 

Specifications and Sizing

Model No. Part No. Water Connection (in) No. of Refrig. Circuits Refrig. Connection Size (in) Per Circuit Refrig. Application Capacity* Height (in) Diameter (in) Approx. Shipping Weight (lb)
DHS-120 8825141 1¼ FPT 1 1 5/8 ODM 14-70 ton 62 29.5 440
DHSE-120A4 8825142 1¼ FPT 1 1 5/8 ODM 14-70 ton 62 29.5 440
DHSE-120B4 8825143 1¼ FPT 1 1 5/8 ODM 14-70 ton 62 29.5 440
DHSE-120A6 8825213 1¼ FPT 1 1 5/8 ODM 14-70 ton 62 29.5 440
DHSE-120B6 8825214 1¼ FPT 1 1 5/8 ODM 14-70 ton 62 29.5 440

*Refrigeration tonnage capacities are 30°F evaporator ton loads, not total heat of rejection tons. Pressure drop through a Fre-Heater refrigeration circuit will be approximately 15 psi at the maximum tonnage application. Pressure drop at the mid-range of tonnage application will be approximately 5 to 7 psi. The best overall refrigeration/heat recovery system efficiency is usually obtained at or below the mid-range tonnage application.