ASME - Section VIII

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is one of the leading certification organizations for pressure vessels in North America. Paul Mueller Company is proud to be an ASME certified pressure vessel partner for hundreds of businesses across the country. Our ASME certifications include the U (pressure vessel) and UM (miniature pressure vessel) stamps which certify processing and storage tanks used in many industries and applications.

  • U Stamp (Global)
  • UM Stamp (North America)
NB Mark

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

The National Board has been promoting the highest level of pressure vessel safety and regulations for nearly 100 years. Paul Mueller Company is committed to the same high safety standards and can apply both the "R" stamp and the "NB" mark to our tanks and other components.

  • R Stamp (North America)
  • NB Mark (Global)

PED - CE Stamp

CE Mark

The Pressure Equipment Directive is the standard for pressure vessels and other pressure equipment in the European Union. The PED has similar requirements to ASME code. Paul Mueller Company proudly holds several Category II and Category III PED certifications for fabrication of pressure equipment in Europe. Please contact us if you would like more information about our PED certifications.

  • Category II
    • A1 (Global)
    • A2 (Global)
  • Category III
    • C1 (Global)
    • C2 (Global)
    • G (EMEA)

3-A Sanitary Standard (North America)

3-A logo

When you see the 3-A logo on a piece of Mueller equipment, you know it will meet your high cleanability and quality standards. The 3-A Sanitary Standard is all about keeping food processing equipment clean and safe for you and consumers all around the world. Paul Mueller Company holds certifications for 7 different classes of equipment:

  • Farm Milk Cooling and Holding Tanks
  • Insulated Tanks
  • Silo-Type Storage Tanks
  • Non-Coil Type Batch Processors
  • Plate-Type Heat Exchangers
  • Farm Milk Storage Tanks
  • Personnel Access Ports for Wet Applications

Milk Cooler Standards (Global outside North America)

  • EN 1372
  • ISO 5708

Other Certifications

We also offer several other certifications that allow us to partner with you for your processing or storage solutions in specific countries such as Canada, China, Brazil and Vietnam. Please contact us if you have any questions about additional certifications, stamps, or registrations required for your project.

  • Canada - CRN, TSSA
  • China - China Code
  • Switzerland - KVU
  • Vietnam - MOM
  • KEA - Korea Energy Agency
  • Brazilian standard NR-13