Architectural and Specialty Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel in Any Shape You Can Imagine

When you have a unique or decorative architectural application to accomplish with stainless steel, Paul Mueller Company can help! 

Our design-build field fabrication experts have built a number of memorable projects including:

  • Stainless Steel cladding for a 50,000 gallon aquarium, featuring custom bolts with lasered initials, at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum
  • custom, stainless steel rack holding 338 mugs for Springfield Brewing Company
  • The Miracle of the Human Spirit ring showcased in Joplin, Missouri commemorating the 2011 tornado
  • a 115ft tall x 32ft wide x 40,000 lbs stainless steel cross with stainless internal support structure 

These are just a few of the projects that showcase examples of how stainless steel can be manipulated into different forms.

We start by understanding your material needs and finishes. Paul Mueller Company specializes in a variety of stainless steel finishes, including mirror and electropolish, for the smoothest and shiniest appearance. 

Stainless steel is the material we often use for architectural-type projects. Although alternative materials can be used in support areas for cost savings. Talk to one of our materials experts about your specific project. 

Site Considerations in Architectural Steel

Next, we review the project site and the varying conditions for installation:

  • What are the access points and 3-D space for installation
  • What is the critical path of the project to properly coordinate with other construction trades
  • How can we collaborate with the other trades to optimize the final product
  • Critical structural element design efforts
  • Environment conditions during and after construction
  • Is the Schedule driven by a predetermined event or grand opening?
  • How can we make the execution of the overall project successful through sourcing, planning, and management of all the required trades and disciplines?

As we begin crafting a solution to your project, a collaborative site visit is the next step. Our trusted service and installation partners can come to your facility or do a virtual walk-through to really understand the build site and get you solid pricing for your budget. 

If you have a unique industrial or commercial vision for a large-scale architectural stainless steel project, we are ready to make it a reality!


We Stand By Our Name...and Yours

When Paul Mueller said "The best compliment a customer can give us is another order" we took that to heart. If we don't do our job well, you can't do your job well. It is this pride of craftsmanship and customer service that has led us to be an industry leader in processing equipment manufacturing and services since 1940. We are honored to be trusted by these valued customers.