Your Equipment, Our Responsibility

Equipment Transportation

Smooth Transport

Building the equipment is only one part of the equation. You need a seamless transition from the manufacturing floor to your door. There is no one better to transport your new equipment than our professional team with over 100 years of combined Mueller service. 

All One Vendor

You can save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and leave the risk to us. Our team of specialized drivers and installers take responsibility for your equipment from the moment it leaves our floor until it's up and running at your facility and we pride ourselves on fast installation. 

Permits and Regulations

Mueller commercial transportation services will carefully plan the best route to your facility, handling all state and federal permits and regulations along the way. Our drivers pride themselves on safe handling of all your vessels and equipment. With a fleet of specialized trailers, we can deliver any size or shape of equipment safely and on-time.



  • Late model trucks designed for "North American" travel
  • 4-axle, heavy haul tractors (max 60,000 lbs)
  • California and Canada legal equipment
  • 48-53ft step deck trailers
  • Drive on, Drive off double drop trailers with 33-60ft well space
  • Perimeter frame trailers to move loads 12” off ground
  • Talberts for custom length vessels
  • 48ft Conestoga trailers to protect your load

We Stand By Our Name...and Yours

When Paul Mueller said "The best compliment a customer can give us is another order" we took that to heart. If we don't do our job well, you can't do your job well. It is this pride of craftsmanship and customer service that has led us to be an industry leader in processing equipment manufacturing and services since 1940. We are honored to be trusted by these valued customers.