Plate Heat Exchanger Services

Time and Money

When your heat exchange system is not working properly it can cost time and money. We understand how important it is to get your process back on track quickly.

Plate Heat Exchanger Performance

Our experienced technicians know what to look for and have the latest and most innovative technology at their disposal to identify leaks, find inefficiencies and bring your plate heat exchanger back up to peak performance. We know about pressure drops and loss of flow and our team will prescribe the best solution to refurbish or fix your plate heat exchanger.

Emergency Repair or Scheduled Maintenance

Whether it's emergency repair, scheduled maintenance or reconfiguring plates, we can have someone onsite at your location quickly. No matter your industry, count on Paul Mueller Company for optimum plate heat exchanger service.

  • Plate Pack Cleaning 
  • Dye Penetrant Check
  • Gasket Cleaning and Install
  • Frame Blasting and Repainting
  • Port Replacement and Repair
  • Plate Replacement and Repair
  • Fouling Repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Refurbishment

We Stand By Our Name...and Yours

When Paul Mueller said "The best compliment a customer can give us is another order" we took that to heart. If we don't do our job well, you can't do your job well. It is this pride of craftsmanship and customer service that has led us to be an industry leader in processing equipment manufacturing and services since 1940. We are honored to be trusted by these valued customers.