temp-plate dimple plate half pipe heat transfer surfaces

Heat Transfer Surfaces

Whether your customer needs to cool vegetable oil, chill wort, or simply maintain precise temperature control in their vessel, heat transfer surfaces welded onto the tank can be a space-efficient way to help them deliver their product to consumers. There are three main types of heat transfer sheets, each with their own unique advantages.

Temp-Plate® is a highly versatile heat transfer surface designed for a high cost-to-benefit ratio. Half-pipe coil or sometimes called limpet coil, is best for cyclic heat transfer conditions and can handle high flow rates. Dimple jackets are unique in that they can cover a larger surface area of your tank than other heat transfer surfaces.

Explore all three heat transfer surface types below to discover the benefit they can bring to your next tank fabrication project.


Fully Welded Assemblies

Depending on your production schedule and capabilities, we can deliver fully welded tank head or shell heat transfer assemblies or provide loose heat transfer sheets. 

Tank Experts Working With Tank Experts

We understand the demands of tank fabrication, to be profitable - efficiency and repeatability are crucial. We are proud to partner with tank fabrication companies all around North America to help continue the legacy of quality stainless steel manufacturing in the industry.