They go by several different names: manways, manholes, handholes, access ports, and hatches, but their function is the same. Giving your customer access to the interior of the vessel is critical for their operation. With a manway, tank maintenance such as periodic cleaning, inspection, and servicing is made easier. This maintenance will keep their vessel in peak working condition.

Paul Mueller Company manways are functional and have an aesthetic appeal that will add to the value of your tank. We offer manways that can handle atmospheric designs, pressure assemblies, and ASME code assemblies along with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you're not sure where to start, explore all manway models and parts at or see our Mueller Manways brochure in the "Downloads" tab below.




We understand that unique tanks require unique manways, which is why we offer customized specifications such as: pressure ratings, extended collar lengths, material types, lift/spring assist, CRNs and more.


Depending on your industry, tanks can vary in design and size, that in turn can affect the style of manway needed for the job. That's why we carry over 30 options including; round, oval, rectangle, and cone shaped. 

Lift Assist

A new design recently introduced to the market, the Mueller Lift Assist, differs from original "spring assist" manways in that it uses nitrogen cylinders that allow the user full control while accessing the inside of their tank. Click the link below to see its functionality. 

Paul Mueller Lift Assist

ASME Code vs Non-Code

From atmospheric storage tanks to high-pressured processing tanks, we have you covered. We have a variety of economical, non-pressurized manways all the way up to pressure-rated specifics with our MC-56 or MC-150.


Material finishes vary across industries. We have options from 2B Mill finish to #7 (320-grit) finish and everything in between. For a list of all available surface finishes, view page 11 in our buyers guide below. 

Component Products Buyer's Guide

Material Types

Different jobs have different needs, that is why we offer a variety of material types for your manway. Our most common material types are 304 or 316 stainless options, with sanitary applications often requiring 316 material. For more corrosive jobs, you might find the need for something more exotic such as duplex or hastelloy. Contact us for jobs requiring special material types. 

Specifications and Sizing

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Tank Experts Working With Tank Experts

We understand the demands of tank fabrication, to be profitable - efficiency and repeatability are crucial. We are proud to partner with tank fabrication companies all around North America to help continue the legacy of quality stainless steel manufacturing in the industry.