Shallow Flanged and Dished Tank Head

Shallow flanged and dished heads have a shallower dish radius than other head styles. This can save money and room on the overall height or length of the tank you're building, but it also decreases the pressure rating of the tank head, making it unsuitable for ASME code applications.

Defining Features

  • Lower cost than comparable tank head styles with the same great quality
  • Useful for atmospheric to low-pressure, non-code applications
  • Dish radius is 150% of diameter


  • Polishing for sanitary applications and aesthetic appeal
  • Assembly with heat transfer can be provided
  • MTRs and other quality documents available

Specifications and Sizing

Diameter:  16" - 300"
Dish Radius:  Equal to 150% of outside diameter
Knuckle Radius:  2"
Thickness:  12 gauge - 1"


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