Hot Chemical Storage

Custom Features

When part your industrial chemical processing calls for chemicals held at specific temperatures to dispense into your mix, you need more than an ordinary, everyday storage vessel. You need precise temperature control and safeguards at your fingertips.

Quality Components

Paul Mueller Company's modular skid system has all the components needed for safe holding and dispensing of your sensitive chemicals at any temperature.  Our complete process units made from U.S. stainless steel come with an electric heating component for a self-contained solution that can be installed anywhere at your plant. Moreover, a containment structure is included underneath the skid for extra safety.

Decades of Experience

Take the guess work out of this part of your process. Holding, mixing and storing hot chemicals is not to be taken lightly. Our engineers are backed with decades of processing equipment experience and give due diligence to every aspect of your product, as they design a custom skid for you.  

  • Self-Contained Skid
  • Modular Design
  • Heat Transfer
  • Inside or Outside Installation
  • Storing, Mixing and Dispensing
  • Electric Heating at the Source
  • Built-In Automation
  • Delivery
  • Catwalks, Platforms, Ladders
  • On-site Fabrication
  • Quality Parts
  • Repair and Service
  • Parts

Our Chemical Partners

We value collaborations with these leading chemical manufacturers. Whether a plastic that makes a medical device to change lives or a chemical reactor that is testing energy possibilities for 3rd world countries - our equipment is making a difference around the globe.