Paul Mueller Company

Plating and Anodizing 

Deep Understanding of Metal

Our experience with metal manipulation dates back to 1940 when Paul Mueller first opened a heating and sheet metal works company.  Since then we have evolved into a leading processing equipment manufacturer with a deep understanding of how to achieve the composition, form, process and temperatures you need.

Accurate and Constant Temperatures

When plating or anodizing your metal, the process temperatures have to stay constant and accurate inside your bath mixture. Our heavy-duty, corrosion resistant Temp-Plate inflated heat transfer panels can achieve a constant temperature in a short amount of time. They are extremely versatile and can be formed into any number of styles or shapes, using a variety of materials and then immersed in your plating or anodizing tank. For easier cleaning, our Foul Free 100 coating will prevent scaling problems.

Full Capacity 

With heat transfer panels that can be used as immersion, clamp-on, or integral heat transfer surface, we give you complete control of your process. No matter the length of immersion, the temperatures, or the corrosive environment, our plating tank heater and anodizing solutions offer low maintenance options, allowing your system to run at full capacity for the long haul.

  • High Operating Pressures
  • High Operating Temperatures
  • No Gaskets Required
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easily Formed to Shape You Need
  • Immersion Heating and Cooling
  • Clamp-on Heating and Cooling
  • Integral Jacketing
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Low Pressure Drop Design
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

Our Chemical Partners

We value collaborations with these leading chemical manufacturers. Whether a plastic that makes a medical device to change lives or a chemical reactor that is testing energy possibilities for 3rd world countries - our equipment is making a difference around the globe.

Munzing LLC Chemline Henwil Custom Chemicals Valspar
Novozymes Evonik Industries Eastman Chemical Company BASF