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New Brewery Construction

Expert Answers

When it's time to grow your brewing business, deciding on a general contractor and project management team is an early and critical decision. You have space considerations, sub-contractors to think about, and above all you're wondering how much it will cost and where you can save money.  We have the expert answers to those questions and thousands more that will arise.

Project Management From Start to Finish

Whether you're starting with an open piece of land or re-working an existing structure, we can manage your new brewery project from start to finish. Not only do you get the stainless steel quality brewing equipment and 75+ years of manufacturing experience from Paul Mueller Company, but you also get a team that's been through the process. We understand the importance of scope development, we know what to duplicate and what to improve on.  

Start Planning Now

It's never too early to start planning your project. If ground breaking is 1-2 years away, now is the time to call and get us involved. We can take your dream and bridge all the steps to reality, for a seamless transition into your new brewery.

  • Turnkey Brewery Construction
  • Outdoor Expansion
  • Cellar Expansion
  • Project Management
  • Design and Engineering
  • Sustainable Options
  • Process and Utility Piping
  • Process Controls
  • Platforms, Catwalks, Ladders
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Start Up and Commissioning
  • General Contractor Services
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

New Brewery Construction Products

Our Brewing Partners

Whether we are building a duplicate production facility for a heritage beer label or helping a small community craft brewery positively affect the economy, we are proud to work with these outstanding beer brands as they grow their business.