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Commercial Distilling Equipment

Are you at the beginning stage of designing your distillery or is your company preparing for growth and expansion? For every phase of production, Paul Mueller Company offers equipment solutions that can be customized for your distilling process, enabling you to craft the perfect flavor profiles for your brand.

The Paul Mueller Distilled Beverage System

Each piece of your distillery can be bought separately or buy the entire customized system for a green field project or to duplicate an existing beverage production facility. This allows you to quickly get your spirits in the hands of the people who mean the most: your customers. 

Mixing mash… Paul Mueller Company's distillery mash mixers give the distiller ultimate control over mash consistency and extraction. The mash mixer's steam jackets and agitator guarantee proper mixing and allow the distiller to dial in the mash profile. Independent cleaning of both the vessel and the grist hydrator ensure thorough cleanability for your beverage production.

Ferment from thereproducing the highest quality mash is vital, so you should use a fermenter that can do just that. The Paul Mueller Company beverage fermentation solution has a conical bottom, large outlet, and polished interior finish make this vessel easy to clean and manage. 

“Our fermenters are most commonly used to accurately control the temperature during fermentation of the mash,” said Matt Kramer, with Paul Mueller Company. “We have jacketed heat transfer that maintains proper temperature and an internal CIP system for ease of cleaning to stop unwanted bacterial growth and prevent off-flavors.” 

- Matt Kramer, Paul Mueller Company

Storing, blending and serving…For superior storage of your beverages, Paul Mueller Company storage tanks offer the best in sanitation, mixing, and temperature control.

Our stainless steel storage and mix tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer features specific for your process. Whether you need precise temperature control or have specific agitation requirements for your beverages, we specialize in custom solutions that are just right for your application.

Serving-Beer-Tank-on-standWe also offer unique serving tanks with bag liners have been used all over Europe for years. Now Paul Mueller Company is introducing this addition to our lineup of commercial beverage brewing equipment, in North America! The cutting edge technology used in these tanks allows them to hold high-strength bag inliners, creating a self-cooling, bag-in-tank system that can be used directly in your serving room. 

Our Serving Beverage Tanks do not need a cold room, but instead can be individually cooled with a dedicated chiller. This can reduce your energy costs. Additionally, you use fewer chemicals for cleaning serving equipment, putting money straight to your bottom line.

Energy Savings with Every Single Product 

FermentersInsulation can prevent fluctuations in temperatures, bringing you energy savings. We build storage tanks, mix tanks and fermenters that can have as much or as little insulation as your operation requires. 

Contact us today to discuss any of the products mentioned here. We offer financing options and discounts.   


Financing Options Available now! 

Don’t use your much-needed working capital to purchase new equipment. Paul Mueller company now offers third-party financing on distillery equipment. Whether you’re designing from scratch or adding to your existing operation, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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Products in this Solution

Serving Beverage Tanks

These unique serving tanks with bag inliners are great for storing and serving your spirits. This cutting edge technology used in these tanks allows them to hold high-strength bag inliners, creating a self-cooling, bag-in-tank system that can be used directly in the taproom. 


Mueller offers a line of standard or custom fermenters using our hallmark quality craftsmanship. We can build a size to fit your needs. 

Storage Tanks

If you're looking for the best in storage for your beverages, we have standard and customizable options.  We offer the highest quality tanks incorporating sanitation, mixing and temperature control.

Mash Mixers

Our distillery mash mixers offer you the ultimate control over mash consistency and extraction...leading you to the perfect end product. 

Mixing Tanks

Proper mixing vessels are key to a quality end product  We work with you to create a custom mixing vessel tailored to your  needs so that your end product is just right.

Our Beverage Partners

Our equipment is protecting the purity of ingredients that go into the beverages the world consumes. Whether we are perfecting or innovating processes or helping businesses expand and create jobs. We are honored to work with these reknowned beverage companies and help them grow.