Complete Control in Bakery Freshness

Bakery Chilling

Exact Temperatures

Water temperatures are critical to your process and you need a lot of water, fast. That's where Paul Mueller Company bakery chilling solutions come in. We work to understand your exact temperature needs and configure the best food processing equipment to accomplish them.

Automatic Control

You don't have time to babysit the water flow, that's why we give you complete touch control over the amount and temperature of the water coming into your products. The automatic temperature control means you can focus on other tasks and consistently churn out the best bakery products your customers expect.

Efficient Energy Usage

With decades of experience in refrigeration products, we can help you troubleshoot challenging process circumstances and bring a chilling solution that helps keep costs down and uses the energy in your bakery efficiently.


  • Efficient Use of Energy
  • Outgoing Temperatures Down to 34°
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Labor Saving Design
  • Consistent Output
  • Up to 288 Gallons/Hour
  • Built-in Freeze Protection
  • Batch Applications
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Quality Parts

Our Food Partners

Their legendary brands have brought us the foods and ingredients that have stocked our pantries and refrigerators for decades. We are proud to collaborate with these food companies.