Egg Processing

Customized Heat Transfer

Eggs are gaining notoriety as a superfood and egg production is on the rise according to the American Egg Board. If your company is in the egg business, we can help make your process more profitable with customized heat transfer and efficient clean-in-place technology.

U.S. 304 Stainless Steel

We use U.S. 304 stainless steel and a food grade finish on all of our food processing equipment to ensure your final product is protected and consistent. 

Complete Solution

From storage, buffering and mixing to inline dosing, heating and cooling. We offer quality and control throughout your whole process.

  • Standard and Custom Tanks
  • Bottom Heat Transfer Surface
  • CIP Systems 
  • Optional Refrigeration Controls
  • Stainless or Carbon Steel
  • Meets 3-A Standards
  • 5,000-30,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Seismic Design
  • Horizontal or Vertical Agitation
  • ASME Code Option
  • Ladders, Catwalks, Platforms
  • Parts

Our Food Partners

Their legendary brands have brought us the foods and ingredients that have stocked our pantries and refrigerators for decades. We are proud to collaborate with these food companies.