Industrial Tank Heating

Quick Heat Transfer for your Tank

When your storage or processing tank needs heating or cooling capacity that doesn't currently exist, we have the heat transfer solution for you. Clamp-on and Immersion heat transfer panels can be retrofitted to your existing tank at a lower cost than outside-the-tank units and are safer and more effective than traditional steam or electric tracing methods. Heat transfer panels can be applied to tanks that serve the chemical, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing industries and many other applications.

More Contact Surface

With higher contact surface, Paul Mueller Company's Temp-Plate® immersion and clamp-on panels use much less fluid media to achieve the same heating contact area as other heat transfer options. They are an optimal choice for any volume application where you have product or process fluid stored in a tank. Welded-on heat transfer and external PHE systems can be much more involved, expensive and harder to clean for retrofit applications

Ease of Installation

Tank fabricators and engineers know, when building a new tank or updating an existing one - ease of installation and ongoing maintenance are two important factors to consider. Temp-Plate® inflated heat transfer panels can clamp on the outside of the tank or be immersed in the fluid and ready to use immediately. Depending on the level of involvement, we can install the heat transfer, piping, controls and water heating systems in as little as a day or during a scheduled plant shutdown.

Minimal Maintenance

With the heat transfer surface exposed, cleaning is easy, plus the panels can be removed for servicing and then re-attached. For even more capacity, we can provide a bank assembly with spaces that allow all particulates to flow through. 

Comparison White Paper

Whether you are considering a Clamp-on assembly, Immersion panels, or even a Plate Heat Exchanger, each has its own benefits and challenges. Our Industrial Tank Heating White Paper goes into detail on differences of each heat transfer product to help you narrow down the perfect solution for your industrial processing:

Download Now Industrial Tank Heating White Paper

  • High Operating Pressures
  • High Operating Temperatures
  • No Gaskets Required
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easily Formed to Shape You Need
  • Immersion Heating and Cooling
  • Clamp-on Heating and Cooling
  • Higher Contact Surface
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Low Pressure Drop Design
  • Service and Repair
  • Quality Components
  • Piping
  • Installation