Maximum Efficiency for Your Cooling Systems

Marine Cooling

Thermal Efficiency

Sea water is forever changing—the temperature, the viscosity, the pH fluctuations. Through it all, you need the energy it generates to stay constant for your operation. That's where our plate heat exchanger equipment comes in. Our plate heat exchanger equipment is perfect for cooling or removing heat from high temperature fresh water, sea water, lube oil, and any other applications requiring heat transfer.

Compact, Versatile, Corrosion Resistant 

If you require equipment to reject the heat created from air conditioning units on your ship or you need heat transfer equipment to cool off lube oils: our plate heat exchanger is the perfect solution for your process. We understand that sea water is highly corrosive and you can't afford to constantly replace your equipment; that is why we offer plate heat exchangers built with a coated carbon steel or stainless steel frame, titanium plates, and welded titanium liners (flanges) which maintains corrosion resistance along the wetted path. Titanium is used in case the unit comes in contact with the sea water to prevent corrosion and as a result allows your heat transfer equipment to perform at high efficiency for a lifetime.

Meeting Pressure and Temperature Demands

Our engineers understand how to harness the energy of ocean water and use it to cool your ships' engine and or reject the heat from air conditioning units, so it can work as hard as you need it to. Slowdowns in your arrival and departure schedule are not an option, neither is discomfort of your passengers. We can configure a system to work within your current setup or customize a new system to your specific pressure and temperature needs.

Suitable for your Application

Plate Heat Exchangers for ShipsWe serve the following types of ships within the marine industry: Industrial, Cargo, Military, Cruise, Large and Small Yachts, Fishing, Offshore Rigs,Tanker. If you have a special heat transfer project that falls outside of these vessel types, please contact us and one of our engineers will work to solve your request.

Lasts For A Lifetime

Whether you are a ship owner or a ship builder, our marine cooling solutions are made with quality titanium steel to harness the free sea energy and accomplish your goals for a lifetime.

  • Most Efficient on the Market
  • Cooling Tower Isolation
  • Open Fluid, Flow Channel Design
  • Free Air and Water Cooling
  • Pond Water Isolation
  • Static Head Isolation
  • Water Source PreCooler
  • District Cooling
  • Titanium Plates and Flanges 
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Compact Size
  • Expandable
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