When Degrees of Difference Make All the Difference


Life Changing Products

When it comes to life-changing pharmaceuticals, we know that one wrong valve or a single inch off in size can result in a complete halt in your pharmaceutical manufacturing systemThat's why we take great care and consistency in every piece of equipment we produce.

Water-for-injection (WFI) is defined by the US Pharmacopeia as water purified by distillation or a purification process that is equivalent or superior to distillation in the removal of chemicals and microorganisms. WFI is intended for use in the preparation of parenteral solutions.  A distillation process is widely considered the most robust production method for WFI. Mueller offers products which will efficiently produce WFI via a distillation process. 

Attention to Detail

With a critical eye throughout the design and engineering process, our water for injection systems are built to consistently and reliably produce the WFI you need. We tightly document our manufacturing process and keep our eyes on quality control to ensure that everything we deliver is a pure match for your system.

Quality to Count On

Someone's quality of life is depending on your drug or vaccine. Rest assured that you can depend on the quality of our equipment to bring it efficiently and safely to market.  

Mueller has over 25 years of experience building equipment to produce WFI. You can rely on Mueller to help you better understand and meet the pharmaceutical industry requirements for WFI.


  • Multiple Products to Ensure Optimum Configuration
  • Simple Design for Reliable Operation
  • External Evaporators
  • Separation Columns Contain No Internal Components
  • Allen Bradley Control Systems
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Fully Factory Tested
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Reassembly
  • On-Site Startup by Factory Technicians
  • Service Training
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts