Consistent, Reliable Cooling Throughout Your Brewing Facility

Commercial Brewery Chilling: Glycol Chillers And More

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Paul Mueller Company chillers serve as the heart of your commercial brewery chilling solution. A lifeline for your operation, they pump essential cooled glycol water throughout your facility, for reliable, consistent cooling, and play a crucial part in each step of the cooling process. Our experts work with your brewery team to size the right chiller to complement each brewery chilling application and attain peak performance, keeping your operation healthy.

Commercial Brewery Chilling Solution - LS Chiller

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Right-Sized Glycol Chillers

7 to 10 BBL Brewery Chilling

hiperchill 5 - front viewPopular for use in brewpubs or 7 to 10 BBL breweries, the mighty HiPerChillTM 5 package chiller delivers exceptional cooling performance in a tiny footprint. Able to flex with the hourly needs of your brewery, this 5-horsepower unit utilizes Mueller® HiPerForm® refrigeration technology perfected over the last forty years. Each HiPerChill 5 package chiller holds a high-efficiency E-Star® condensing unit, brazed plate heat exchanger, circulation pump, and reservoir to support optimal temperature maintenance. Precise temperature control helps ensure every batch of beer has impeccable flavor every time. 

8 to 15 BBL Brewery Chilling

maxxLine chiller -  front viewWhen your brewery is sizable, and cooling lines must cover long distances, a maxxLine™ package glycol chiller is the answer. Ideal for 8 to 15 BBL breweries with high flow rates and hefty cooling demands, these chillers keep your operation running at optimum capacity. The maxxLine chiller’s rugged design is suitable for indoor or outdoor use with air-cooled and water-cooled options. Operating capacities range from 1 to 40 horsepower. Increase energy efficiency and the speed of your brewing process with a maxxLine assist.

15 to 20 BBL Brewery Chilling

LS chiller front - shallow viewMueller LS series chillers meet the cooled glycol water demands of your 15 to 20 BBL brewery. These chillers are designed for ease of adaptation in your current footprint and primed to grow with your operation. They utilize high-quality Scroll condensing units, which save energy and reduce electrical costs. Install additional condensing units as your refrigeration needs increase in your thriving business.


The Cooling Process

Cellar Chilling

Multiple Cooling Zones

Paul Mueller Company has designed and crafted industry-leading cellar tanks for over 50 years. Our handcrafted tanks are made with the finest materials. Jacketed, insulated, and manufactured with multiple cooling zones, they are designed for maximum cooling capacity, efficiency, and control.

Cool In Less Time

Use a two-stage Accu-Therm® plate heat exchanger, also referred to as a wort chiller, to reach lower wort cooling temperatures in less time. In stage one, wort leaving the kettle is cooled by cold process water from the cold liquor tank, so your wort hits proper pitching temperature and is fermenter ready fast. When even lower wort cooling temperatures are desired for your particular brew, stage two enables additional cooling by utilizing your chilled glycol loop.

Precise Temperature Control

Mueller commercial brewery chillers help regulate yeast production in Mueller beer fermenters. Supplying cool glycol via the fermenter jacket maintains optimal wort temperatures. Precise temperature control supports the fermentation process. This precision ensures batch consistency and that each distinct type of beer reflects its signature flavor profile.

Desired Temperature Drops

Mueller bright beer tanks serve to mature, clarify, and carbonate beer after fermentation. Brewers know the carbonation process often demands near-freezing temperatures. Attain desired temperature drops in your bright beer tanks with the aid of a Mueller commercial brewery chiller. Cooling occurs as chilled glycol circulates through the jackets of these vessels.

Meet Off-Peak Cooling Demands

Cold liquor tanks hold the cold process water used to cool wort and meet other off-peak operational cooling demands. This efficient storage method lets you recycle thermal energy from the brewing process, reducing horsepower demands and eliminating the need for an enormous chiller. Decrease water-cooling time requirements by incorporating an Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger into this step of the brewing process.

Cold Room Chilling

Beer storage demands the same precise temperature control required throughout the brewing process. If you use glycol-to-air heat exchangers in your cold room, Mueller chillers work to supply cool glycol.
If you would rather use a refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger, a Mueller "OE" Series condensing unit will help you maintain desired cold room temperatures needed to protect your product. The adaptability of our chiller line allows a flexible approach to designing your cold room cooling solution.

Taproom Chilling

Your cooling efforts pay off in the taproom. Invest in a Mueller brewery chiller and serve your customers with confidence. Both bright beer tanks and serving beer tanks, supported by a Mueller chiller, are available in a wide array of sizes and design pressures to maintain the integrity of your finished beer.

You may choose to skip the cold room altogether by featuring polished stainless steel or copper serving tanks to store and cool the beer in your taproom. With sophisticated engineering and display-quality finishes, serving beer tanks eliminate the need for kegs and make an impressive taproom showpiece your patrons will appreciate.


Keep Your Cool with Mueller Chillers

Our team of certified service technicians provides around-the-clock technical support. Have a brewery cooling equipment question? Consult our dedicated service team when sizing equipment, during chiller installation, with maintenance questions, or for product training. Trusted partners and expert guides, we are committed to helping you run a smooth operation. We make sure you get the most out of every inch of your brewery—and every quality product you serve. Available when you need us, we know we’ve done our job right when you think of us fondly every time you serve a tasty, cold beer.