President and Chief Executive Officer
David earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Middlebury College and an MBA from University... see more
Chief Financial Officer
Ken Jeffries started as Chief Financial Officer of Paul Mueller Company in August of 2014, bringing more than 30.... see more
General Manager of New Business Development and Administration
Denise joined Paul Mueller Company in 2011 as the executive assistant to the CEO and CFO. With a degree in economics and an MBA... see more
Director of Operations
Michael Payne started full time with Paul Mueller Company in January 2000 after an internship in 1999. Michael has held many roles at Mueller prior to... see more
Chief Operating Officer

Joe Meissert arrived at Paul Mueller Company in January of 2018 and serves as our Chief Operating Officer. Joe spent many years in sales roles ...

see more
General Manager
Jeff Phillips joined Paul Mueller Company in 2018 and brought an extensive background in lean manufacturing and project management ... see more
Mike Mills
General Manager
Mike Mills came to Paul Mueller Company in 1990 as a manufacturing engineer and designer. During his tenure he has worked on almost every product ... see more