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Hop Infusion


IPA innovations have upped the hops game and we have the perfect equipment to keep you on the winning team. Our hop infusion solution comes with Mueller's Mobile Hop Module and an adjunct dosing skid.

Safety First

Our customizable hopback comes with safety in mind to keep you on the ground instead of climbing on a fermenter. Flexbility means our equipment can be used on the hot or cold side and it works with cones, pellets, spices, fruits and more. 

Innovative Cleaning

Our hopback has a removable screen for easy cleaning. Unlike other hop vessels, our large outlet allows for easy removal of spent ingredients. Our design requires less labor and provides more efficient hop infusion.   

  • Removable Screen for Flexibility
  • Reduced Dissolved Oxygen
  • Efficient Hop Utilization
  • Better Sensory Analysis
  • Safer Design
  • Optional ASME Stamp
  • Use with Cones, Pellets and more
  • Casters for Mobility
  • Cleanable Design
  • Delivery
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

Our Brewing Partners

Whether we are building a duplicate production facility for a heritage beer label or helping a small community craft brewery positively affect the economy, we are proud to work with these outstanding beer brands as they grow their business.  

Samuel Adams Bells Ninkasi
Ballast Point Founders Pizza Port