Cheese Ingredient Storage and Processing

Quality Craftsmanship

Every step of your process affects the outcome of your final cheese product. We keep quality top of mind when crafting the vessels for your system. 

Every Aspect Considered

Temperatures have to be dead-on accurate, agitation needs to be efficient and uniform and feeding of the ingredients carefully considered. Our goal is to take your ingredient storing and handling off your plate, so you can move onto other jobs in your plant. 

75 Years of Experience

With 75 years of experience, put our expertise in dairy processing equipment manufacturing to work for you and your bottom line.

  • Standard and Custom Tanks
  • CIP Systems 
  • Optional Refrigeration Controls
  • Stainless or Carbon Steel
  • Meets 3-A Standards
  • 5,000-100,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Seismic Design
  • Horizontal or Vertical Agitation
  • ASME Code Option
  • Ladders, Catwalks, Platforms
  • Parts

Our Dairy Partners

Amazing brands producing amazing products!  We are proud to partner with these respected leading companies in the Dairy Foods Industry and help them grow offerings to their valued customers.