Stamped Dimple Jacket Heat Transfer Surface

A dimple jacket is a machine formed sheet material that is welded to a second piece of material after forming, such as a tank heads or shells. Dimple jackets are also a versatile heat transfer surface primarily used for temperature and pressure extremes on the outside of tank heads and shells. The customizability of dimple jackets is one of the major benefits of this kind of heat transfer surface.

Would it help to have a fully-welded dimple jacket assembly show up at your door? We can provide fully-welded integral assemblies with tank heads, shells, and dimple jackets.

Defining Features

  • Broad range of heat transfer media
  • Large heat transfer areas are possible
  • Increased flow area compared to other heat transfer surfaces


  • Suitable for high internal tank pressures and temperatures
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • High degree of custom layout options
  • Edges can be crimped upon request

Specifications and Sizing

Material Thickness: 14 gauge or 12 gauge

Material Types: 304 or 316 stainless steel (specialty materials can be discussed)

Pillow Height: 1/4"

Dimple for Shells Dimple for Heads

Spot spacing: 2" x 2" (standard) through 4" x 4"

Radial spot pattern
Up to 60" wide dimple sheets available Pie sections to be trimmed and fit by customer



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