Pure Steam

Life-Saving Products

When your customers are relying on your products for their personal care, you have to begin with equipment and an environment that is sterile. That's why our pure steam solutions can generate large amounts of pyrogen-free and endotoxin-free steam to keep your production process moving along smoothly and efficiently.

The terms pure steam and clean steam are often used interchangeably in the pharmaceutical industry. However, not all equipment marketed as clean steam generators are up to the task of producing WFI quality pharmaceutical pure steam. Paul Mueller Company pure steam generators use a tangential nozzle to provide separation of impurities from incoming feedwater, producing pyrogen-free steam that, when condensed, meets USP requirements for water for injection.

Our Pure Steam Solutions

Your company needs pure steam for a variety of uses including autoclaves, equipment cleaning, and humidification. Depending on the varying uses in your facility, you may need small or large amounts, and likely have a specific pressure needed for your downstream equipment.

The Paul Mueller Company pure steam generator is the obvious choice. However, Mueller multiple effect stills can also be used to produce pure steam.

Paul Mueller Company pure steam generators come in nine different sizes, ranging from 600 lb/hr to 10,500 lb/hr, we can ensure that you can find the right size for your facility. Our PSGs are capable of wide turndown, allowing you to buy for the future, but still operate efficiently today.

If you have a need for smaller amounts of pure steam, have intermittent use, or need redundancy for existing pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, Paul Mueller Company multiple effect stills can be designed or even retrofitted to allow pure steam production from the first effect.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our startup services are performed by factory-trained technicians, who work alongside your team to make sure they are comfortable before we leave. The robust, simple design means fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance and downtime. With a comprehensive documentation package and support just a call away, your pure steam equipment will be operational for a lifetime.


  • Simple Design for Reliable Operation
  • External Evaporator
  • Separation Column Includes No Internal Components
  • Allen Bradley Control Systems
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Fully Factory Tested
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Reassembly
  • On-Site Startup by Factory Technicians
  • Service Training
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts