Taking Your Grapes to Greatness

Wine Fermenting

Handcrafted Beauty

Your winemaking is an art and a science.  

That's why our stainless steel artisans handcraft every piece of wine equipment with attention to detail and an eye for beauty. We use only the highest grade U.S. stainless steel to produce wine storage and processing equipment with unrivaled quality and durability for a lifetime. 

Custom Approach

Paul Mueller Company engineers understand how wine develops through the course of fermentation. Every part of your process is considered as we design, build, and install your equipment to meet the unique techniques at your winery.  

Process Control

As the yeast and juice blend and develop into your proprietary recipe, rest assured that your equipment is doing what it needs to do and the nuances of your harvest are all within your control. 

  • Standard and custom designs
  • Custom heat transfer
  • Quality components
  • Artisan, hand-crafted
  • Process components and instrumentation
  • On-site fabrication
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Repair and service
  • Parts

Our Wine Partners

We are proud to partner with these legendary wine brands that are proliferating good taste and healthy economies around the globe.