Robotic Interface Control

When we designed and built the Robotic Interface Control, our goal was to further automate robotic functions through our controls to simplify procedures. Our Robotic Interface Control was developed as a one-stop control box for the milk hauler. The milk hauler now has the ability to start his pickup procedure at the press of a button, allowing the control to take care of the rest.


  • Quality assured. Complies with CSA regulations.
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC) to customize cooling, agitation, and cleaning functions; reduces the chance of losing milk due to unsafe temperatures.
  • LED indicators to easily monitor cooling, pre-cooling,agitation, and cleaning functions; reduces the chance of losing milk due to unsafe temperatures.
  • Programmable for auto-dosing, water works, and Mueller Matic® for accurate dispensing of detergent, acid, and sanitizer.
  • Reliable industrial design and industrial-grade components withstand the rigors of dairy use.
  • Resumes last known state of operation in both cooling and wash modes.
  • Selection of variable agitation cycles to fit your schedule and cooler size.
  • Wash, sanitize, and acid options allow you to choose the functions needed.
  • Choice of rinse and acid temperatures to customize cycles to fit your needs (electric drain only).
  • Time-delayed refrigeration cycles for better control and energy efficiency during first milking.
  • Pre-cool and pre-agitate cycles allow you to pre-cool or pre-agitate milk in tank for faster, more efficient cooling during second, third, and fourth milkings; creates lower blend temperatures.
  • Watertight cabinet (NEMA 4X) for increased safety and reliability during wash-downs.
  • Low-voltage or dry switch controls: 24-VAC control circuits for safe operation or dry switch closure to retrofit existing high voltage controls.
  • Retrofittable/programmable for water-operated drain valves or normally open/closed electric drain valves.
  • Two cooling stages with independently programmable set-points.

Robotic Interface Control Features

  • Simple point of contact for pickup procedures.
  • Smart I/O board simplifies interface between cooling and wash controls and the robotic milking system.
  • Smart I/O board contains 8 outputs with both normally open and normally closed relays.
  • Pre-programmed high temperature alarm output notifies robot of high product temperature.
  • Intuitive control overlay ensures ease of use.
  • LED indicators display the current control operation.
  • Industrial grade high-speed microprocessor allows fast communication between the robotic milking system and the cooling and wash control.
  • Utilizes robust RS485 communication.
  • Plug and play installation enables the hardware to take control of the rest.

Specifications and Sizing

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Our Dairy Farm Partners

We are proud to partner with these leaders in the dairy farming industry. From legacy farms that have thrived through multiple generations to solar cooling in Africa that is providing young children their first taste of cold milk, our equipment is impacting lives around the world.