Flat-Bottom Processor

The flat-bottom processor has a standard bottom-sweep agitator for rapid, heavy-duty mixing and moves product over the heat transfer surface for fast, efficient heating or cooling. There is also an optional side-sweep agitator. This unit is designed for use with viscous products up to 1,500 centipoise. The blades do not contact the sidewall. Horsepower and revolutions per minute are product and application specific

Defining Features

  • Side and bottom sweep agitation


  • Stainless steel outer jacket and interior sidewall with No. 4 (3-A) finish for sanitation and ease of cleaning
  • Full sidewall and bottom Temp-Plate assures optimum performance
  • 2" low-chloride sidewall and bottom head insulation for minimum heat transfer loss
  • Agitator assembly with bottom guide and single-speed, 460-volt, 60-hertz, 3-phase gear motor, and fixed baffle (International: 80-volt, 50-hertz, 3-phase)
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs with ball feet
  • Stainless steel pipe connections for external zone control valves allows for the processing of partial batches
  • D10F outlet valve flange connection only
  • Projectile wells for indicating and recording thermometer probes
  • “No-foam” inlet assembly
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • CIP spray balls
  • 3" air vent

Optional Features

  • Engineered-to-order for your specific needs
  • D10FL leak detector outlet valve, air space heater, and thermometer connection add pasteurization capabilities to all standard processor units
  • Steam controls and water controls for heating and cooling systems, and manifold assembly with zone control valves
  • Custom-designed agitation and baffle systems to meet specific mixing or processing requirements. Various models range from the agitation required for heavy-bodied, viscous products to the gentle stirring action needed to handle delicate products
  • Indicating and recording thermometer
  • Sight- and light-glass assemblies are available for all models and sizes
  • Construction from different alloys to meet product compatibility

Specifications and Sizing

Rated Capacity
(U.S. Gallons/Liters)
Inner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Outlet to Floor
500/1,893 70 74 7/8 18 80 3/4
1,000/3,785 78 82 7/8 18 96 1/2
1,500/5,678 96 100 7/8 16 100 5/8
2,000/7,570 96 100 7/8 16 115 1/8
3,000/11,355 96 100 7/8 16 147 1/8


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