When Time is Money

Textile and Carpet Drying

Sustainability in Carpet Manufacturing

Bringing sustainability to carpet manufacturing is a strong consideration for companies in the industry. Traditional gas-fired and oil-fired drums for laminating carpet can result in excessive heat loss and wasted natural fuels. They can also come with a risk of overheating and damaging the carpet fibers.

Uniform Temperatures

Enter Paul Mueller Company Temp-Plate® inflated heat transfer carpet drums. Mueller drums are lined with our versatile inflated heat transfer surface for high efficiency. We can calculate your exact heating needs and design your drum to produce low-volume turbulent action and high velocity steam condensation for minimum waste and uniform temperatures.

Washing, mercerizing, and bleaching machines operate for many hours and require large amounts of hot water. They also produce a lot of waste water. Rely on our Plate Heat Exchangers or Temp-Plate® inflated heat transfer bank assemblies to recover that lost heat and steam and use it to heat up incoming cold water.

Better Adherence

During the process Mueller heat transfer equipment ensures that steam condenses quickly. That means carpet fibers are protected from overheating. Our technology also allows for better contact in the adherence of the tuft to the base layer. With Paul Mueller Company technology, energy and dollars are saved in your textile or carpet operation.  

  • Extremely Efficient
  • High Velocity Steam Condensation
  • Uniform Temperatures
  • Fibers Protected from OverHeating
  • Alternate to Gas-Fired and Oil-Fired
  • Better Adherence
  • Steam Captured and Condensed
  • Repair and Service
  • Parts
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Start-up
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts