Oil and Gas Pilot Plant Scale Up

Decades of Experience

You have a viable site and production is full steam ahead. Time to bring in the oil and gas processing equipment experts. At Paul Mueller Company, we dive in to understand your goals in the Oil and Gas Industry and tap into our decades of experience to bring you a well-thought out, efficient solution.

Customized Design and Engineering

If energy savings is important, we can help. When temperatures and controls take priority in your process, we have the knowledge to put focus there. When it's all about expansion within a confined space, our design and engineering team can lead you down a successful path.

Process into Profits

With standard and customized options, we can fabricate just about any stainless steel vessel you need for processing, mixing, storing, heating and cooling. We are ready to help you turn your process into profits.

  • Repeatability
  • Storage Diversification
  • Entire Tank Farms
  • Customized Single Vessels
  • Air-tight Welds
  • Variety of Finishes
  • ASME Code 
  • Project Management
  • Catwalks, Platforms, Ladders
  • Quality Parts

Our Oil and Gas Partners

They produce energy to impact the world.  We are proud to partner with these leading brands in the oil and gas industry on innovative new processes and sustainable growth.