Protecting the Fruits of Your Labor

Wine Storage

High-Grade Steel

Harvest is the culmination of a year of your hard work. Why put that precious liquid in a sub-par storage vessel? At Paul Mueller Company we use only the highest grade U.S. stainless steel to produce unrivaled quality that keeps contaminants out and the full flavor of your vintages in.

Custom Storage Vessels

Our craftsmen understand every part of your process, and they take great care with each custom or standard piece of equipment. We will design your commercial winemaking equipment to fit your cellar and deliver the custom solution to your facility.

  • Better Drainage
  • Custom Heat Transfer
  • Quality Components
  • Artisan, Hand-craftsmanship
  • On-site fabrication
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Repair and Service
  • Parts

Our Wine Partners

We are proud to partner with these legendary wine brands that are proliferating good taste and healthy economies around the globe.