Heat Transfer for Original Equipment Manufacturing

Versatile Heat Transfer Surface

Customers are relying on your product for comfort, sustenance, and sometimes for life. Paul Mueller Company has 80 years of heat transfer design and engineering experience to really think through your process challenges and offer the best solution. Our extremely versatile Temp-Plate inflated heat transfer product can be any size or shape to fit your vessel or application. Temp-Plate is an easy replacement for Tranter Platecoil, McMaster-Carr Open Tank Heat Exchangers and Omega Laser Welded Heat Transfer Surface.

Alternative to Platecoil and Shell and Tube

Formed, Clamp-on, Immersion, Banked

Our dedicated craftspeople know that degrees of difference can mean success or failure, that's why we use pinpoint accuracy to weld and form our customized heat transfer panels to work in almost any application. We can apply it on dished heads and cone bottoms. It can be clamped on inside a vessel or welded to the outside. It can be an immersion product or banked and inserted in almost any space - for the most efficient and economical heating and cooling. 

High Degree of Efficiency, Minimal Maintenance

Our heat transfer surface technology is often a more energy efficient alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers. Our engineers can give you expert advice about how to use it in your application. Plus, it is easily installed, quickly cleaned and holds up over time - leaving you with less to worry about now and in the long run. 

We have refrigeration products to pair up nicely with our heat transfer solutions. Shipping and installation can all be handled by Paul Mueller Company experts, so you have a complete solution from our manufacturing floor to your door.

  • High Operating Pressures
  • High Operating Temperatures
  • No Gaskets Required
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easily Formed to Shape You Need
  • Immersion Heating and Cooling
  • Clamp-on Heating and Cooling
  • Integral Jacketing
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Low Pressure Drop Design
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts
  • Alternative to Platecoil, Open tank heat transfer